Following is a list of attribute and skill boosts that can be acquired in Pillars of Eternity post-character creation.

An important feature of the game system is that bonuses from the same source generally do not stack: only the the highest bonus from a category counts, while the lower ones are "suppressed" and appear greyed out in the character tab. Thus, a character can have only one active bonus from each of following categories at any time: worn items, food (for attributes only), rites (for skills only), resting, boons, and special talents rewarded for completing quests.


Items Edit

Most armor pieces can be enchanted with an additional +1 or +2 bonus to any attribute. See Crafting#Armor

Item Type Attribute Modifier
Engwithan Adra Ban Amulet Accessory (Amulet) Might +3
Girdle of Maegfolc Might Accessory (Belt) Might +3
Pensiavi mes Rèi Accessory (Ring) Might +3
Bracers of All-Consuming Rage Clothing (Gloves) Might +2
Broad Belt of Power Accessory (Belt) Might +2
Gauntlets of Ogre Might Clothing (Gloves) Might +2
Gwisk Glas Armor (Robe) Might +2
Hermit's Hat Clothing (Headgear) Might +1
Ring of Wonder Accessory (Ring) Might +1
Girdle of Eotun Constitution Accessory (Belt) Constitution +3
Bracers of Enduring Clothing (Gloves) Constitution +2
Don Paco's Codpiece of Vigor Accessory (Belt) Constitution +2
Snerf's Folly Accessory (Ring) Constitution +2
Bracers of All-Consuming Rage Clothing (Gloves) Constitution +1
Fulvano's Boots Clothing (Footwear) Constitution +1
Ring of Wonder Accessory (Ring) Constitution +1
Rugged Wilderness Hat Clothing (Headgear) Constitution +1
Finreah's Grace Clothing (Cloak) Dexterity +3
Ring of Thorns Accessory (Ring) Dexterity +3
Belt of the Stelgaer Accessory (Belt) Dexterity +2
Dream Dancer's Sidestep Accessory (Amulet) Dexterity +2
Cloak of Many Feathers Clothing (Cloak) Dexterity +1
Glanfathan Adraswen Accessory (Amulet) Dexterity +1
Gloves of Manipulation Clothing (Gloves) Dexterity +1
Gyrges' Gloves Clothing (Gloves) Dexterity +1
Stag Helm Clothing (Headgear) Dexterity +1
Lilith's Shawl Clothing (Cloak) Perception +3
Helmet of Darksee Clothing (Headgear) Perception +2
Husk of the Great Western Stag Armor (Hide) Perception +2
Scales of the Raven Armor (Scale) Perception +2
The Core Accessory (Amulet) Perception +2
Torc of the Falcon's Eyes Accessory (Amulet) Perception +2
Footpad's Hood Clothing (Headgear) Perception +1
Glanfathan Adraswen Accessory (Amulet) Perception +1
Liripipe of Thinking Clothing (Headgear) Perception +1
Spiderfingers Clothing (Gloves) Perception +1
The Pilgrim's Lasting Vigil Clothing (Headgear) Perception +1
Drinking Horn of Moderation Accessory (Amulet) Intellect +2
Erij's Radiance (Paladin only) Clothing (Cloak) Intellect +2
Rundl's Finery Armor (Robe) Intellect +2
Talisman of the Unconquerable Accessory (Amulet) Intellect +2
The Dunryd Demon Clothing (Headgear) Intellect +2
Unwavering Resolve Accessory (Amulet) Intellect +2
Cloak of the Theocrat Clothing (Cloak) Intellect +1
Kana's Turban Clothing (Headgear) Intellect +1
Orlan's Bramble Ring Accessory (Ring) Intellect +1
Dandy Hat of the Diseased Yak Clothing (Headgear) Intellect −1
Kerdhed Pames Armor (Leather) Resolve +3
Shroud of Mourning Clothing (Cloak) Resolve +3
Amulet of Joka'te Accessory (Amulet) Resolve +2
Broad Belt of Power Accessory (Belt) Resolve +2
Coat of Ill Payment Armor (Brigandine) Resolve +2
Dandy Hat of the Diseased Yak Clothing (Headgear) Resolve +2
Serel's Ring Accessory (Ring) Resolve +2
Bracers of Enduring Clothing (Gloves) Resolve +1
Cloak of the Theocrat Clothing (Cloak) Resolve +1
Glanfathan Adraswen Accessory (Amulet) Resolve +1
Ring of Wonder Accessory (Ring) Resolve +1
Snerf's Folly Accessory (Ring) Resolve +1
The Pilgrim's Lasting Vigil Clothing (Headgear) Resolve +1
Unwavering Resolve Accessory (Amulet) Resolve +1
Waage's Hat of Leadership Clothing (Headgear) Resolve +1

Food Edit

Item Type Attribute Modifier Duration
Dragon Meat Dish Food Might +3 150 s
Duc's Own Beefloaf Food Might +2 300 s
Egg Dish Food Might +2 300 s
Farmer's Spread Food Might +2 300 s
Meat Dish Food Might +2 300 s
Dragon Meat Food Might +1 150 s
Egg Food Might +1 150 s
Meat Food Might +1 150 s
Savory Pie Food Might +1 150 s
Stew Food Might +1 150 s
Chocolate Biscuit Food Constitution +2 150 s
Darkest Rauatai Cookies Food Constitution +2 150 s
Pearlwood Chicken Food Constitution +2 300 s
Poultry Dish Food Constitution +2 300 s
Ixamitl Ricepan Food Constitution +1 150 s
Milk Food Constitution +1 150 s
Poultry Food Constitution +1 150 s
Vegetable Dish Food Constitution +1 150 s
Cocoa Food Constitution +1 300 s
Oil Food Constitution +1 300 s
Rauatai Sweet Pie Food Dexterity +2 300 s
Carow Golan Drug Dexterity +2 600 s
Blacsonn Drug Perception +2 600 s
Carow Golan Drug Perception +2 600 s
Chocolate Biscuit Food Perception +1 150 s
Darkest Rauatai Cookies Food Perception +1 150 s
Ixamitl Ricepan Food Perception +1 150 s
Savory Pie Food Perception +1 150 s
Stew Food Perception +1 150 s
Vegetable Food Perception +1 150 s
Vegetable Dish Food Perception +1 150 s
Snowcap Drug Perception −2 600 s
Svef Drug Perception −2 600 s
Casità Casserole Food Intellect +2 300 s
Fish Dish Food Intellect +2 300 s
Fish Food Intellect +1 150 s
Carow Golan Drug Intellect −2 600 s
Dragon Meat Dish Food Resolve +3 150 s
Dragon Egg Dish Food Resolve +3 300 s
Dragon Meat Food Resolve +1 150 s
Dragon Egg Food Resolve +1 300 s

Resting Edit

Some inns offer multiple rooms that boost the same attribute; only the highest available modifiers are listed below.

Inn Attribute Best Modifier
Celestial Sapling, Hearthsong Might +2
Dracogen Inn, Dyrford Might +2
Brighthollow, Caed Nua Might +1
Celestial Sapling, Hearthsong Constitution +2
Dracogen Inn, Dyrford Constitution +2
Brighthollow, Caed Nua Constitution +1
Salty Mast, Ondra's Gift Constitution +1
Dracogen Inn, Dyrford Dexterity +2
Fox and Goose, Copperlane Dexterity +2
Brighthollow, Caed Nua Dexterity +1
Salty Mast, Ondra's Gift Dexterity +1
Charred Barrel, Brackenbury Perception +2
Blackhound Inn, Gilded Vale Perception +1
Brighthollow, Caed Nua Perception +1
Fox and Goose, Copperlane Perception +1
Salty Mast, Ondra's Gift Perception +1
Charred Barrel, Brackenbury Intellect +4
Dracogen Inn, Dyrford Intellect +2
Brighthollow, Caed Nua Intellect +1
Fox and Goose, Copperlane Intellect +1
Blackhound Inn, Gilded Vale Resolve +2
Celestial Sapling, Hearthsong Resolve +2
Brighthollow, Caed Nua Resolve +1
Fox and Goose, Copperlane Resolve +1

Boons Edit

Unlike resting bonuses, boons only apply to the Watcher.

Prostitute Attribute Modifier
Lyrina Might +2
Big Durmsey Might +1
Lyrina Constitution +2
Serel Constitution +2
Gjefa Constitution +1
Iqali Dexterity +2
Serel Dexterity +2
Aldwyn Perception +2
Orico Perception +1
Aldwyn Intellect +2
Big Durmsey Resolve +2
Iqali Resolve +1

Talents Edit

Normal talents do not provide attribute or skill bonuses, but some quest reward talents do.

Talent Attribute Modifier
Galawain's Boon Might +1
Gift from the Machine Might +1
Rymrgand's Boon Constitution +1
Skaen's Boon Dexterity +1
Hylea's Boon Perception +1
Song of the Heavens Perception +1
Wael's Boon Intellect +1
Berath's Boon Resolve +1


Items Edit

Item Type Skill Modifier
Cat's Whisper (Rogue only) Clothing (Footwear) Stealth +2
Footpad's Hood Clothing (Headgear) Stealth +2
Liripipe of Thinking Clothing (Headgear) Stealth +2
Naasitaqi Boots Clothing (Footwear) Stealth +2
Night-Runner Armor (Leather) Stealth +2
Scales of the Raven Armor (Scale) Stealth +2
Seven Skuldr's-Worth Armor (Hide) Stealth +2
Cloak of Prevalent Shadows Clothing (Cloak) Stealth +1
Lilith's Shawl Clothing (Cloak) Stealth +1
Angio's Gambeson Armor (Padded) Athletics +2
Boots of the Long March Clothing (Footwear) Athletics +2
Cloak of Many Feathers Clothing (Cloak) Athletics +2
Husk of the Great Western Stag Armor (Hide) Athletics +2
Stag Helm Clothing (Headgear) Athletics +2
Starlit Garb Armor (Robe) Athletics +2
Argwes Adra Armor (Plate) Lore +2
Glanfathan Adraswen Accessory (Amulet) Lore +2
Rundl's Finery Armor (Robe) Lore +2
Gloves of Manipulation Clothing (Gloves) Mechanics +2
Jack of Wide Waters Armor (Padded) Survival +2
Rugged Wilderness Hat Clothing (Headgear) Survival +2
Sanguine Plate Armor (Plate) Survival +2

Rites Edit

Item Skill Modifier Duration
Rite of Youthful Spirits Athletics +3 120 s
Rite of Ancient Legends Lore +3 120 s
Rite of Hidden Wonders Mechanics +3 120 s
Rite of Untamed Wild Survival +3 120 s

Resting Edit

Inn Skill Best Modifier
Brighthollow, Caed Nua Stealth +1
Fox and Goose, Copperlane Stealth +1
Salty Mast, Ondra's Gift Athletics +2
Brighthollow, Caed Nua Athletics +1
Fox and Goose, Copperlane Athletics +1
Fox and Goose, Copperlane Lore +2
Brighthollow, Caed Nua Lore +1
Blackhound Inn, Gilded Vale Mechanics +1
Brighthollow, Caed Nua Mechanics +1
Fox and Goose, Copperlane Mechanics +1
Brighthollow, Caed Nua Survival +1
Celestial Sapling, Hearthsong Survival +1
Charred Barrel, Brackenbury Survival +1

Boons Edit

Prostitute Skill Modifier
Iqali Stealth +1
Serel Athletics +2
Lyrina Athletics +1
Aldwyn Lore +1
Gjefa Mechanics +1
Big Durmsey Survival +1
Orico Survival +1

Talents Edit

Talent Attribute Modifier
Dungeon Delver ¹ Stealth +2
Blooded Hunter Stealth +1
Galawain's Boon Athletics +1
Hylea's Boon Lore +1
Dungeon Delver ¹ Mechanics +2
Rymrgand's Boon Survival +1
Skaen's Boon Survival +1

¹ The tooltip for Dungeon Delver does not mention the skill bonuses, but they can be seen in the tooltip breakdown of the boosts to the corresponding skill.